According to seven-year old Skyler of Jupiter Farms, if it weren’t for The Happy Camper Foundation, he'd have spent his summer at home -- bored and watching TV. Instead, Skyler spent the entire summer enjoying SportsTyme Camp in Jupiter. Program Director Dan Sturgis said, "Skyler started out very angry. He got into trouble every day. Then suddenly, he is the first one at the door each morning, and he is almost every counselor's favorite camper. He is one special kid." Initially awarded a three-week scholarship, reports of Skyler’s blossoming attitude and enthusiasm for this camp prompted SportsTyme and Happy Camper volunteers to partner in allowing his experience at SportsTyme continue through the end of summer.

David, Dillon and Eric

Dear Happy Camper: You have no idea how happy my boys are that they went to the Youth Orchestra of Palm Beach County summer camp this summer. THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our family’s hearts. The friends that they made, the music that they played, the experience that they priceless. My Eric (age 7) always cried when they played one of their pieces. He said, "Mommy, this piece is so beautiful, every time we play it, I cry." My boys advanced a lot. They love their music and instruments. If there is an event and you need some string players, let me know. We owe you. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jolita


Seven-year-old Lizette loves having fun all day and loves being with her friend Amaya who she met this summer at the West Jupiter Tutorial Center camp. (Amaya is also a 2010 Happy Camper scholarship recipient.) Her favorite things about summer camp are roller skating and swimming, but she especially loves that they celebrate birthdays at camp and get to eat cake. Lizette said she would watch TV at home all day if she didn't get to go to camp. She would like to send a special thank you to Camp Director Edna Runner for letting her come to camp and for teaching her different things and taking her to fun places that she never gets to go.

This is What It's All About

Harley-Quinn, 11, Jupiter Outdoor Center
Harley-Quinn loves camp so much. Accompanied by a big hug, she said she is very thankful and grateful to have had this opportunity. She loves nature and the outdoors, and wants to be a camp counselor herself when she turns sixteen. Her favorite part of camp was paddle boarding, and learning about turtles and fish. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up; she loves animals.
Collette, 13, Interact
Collette is a bright, well-spoken thirteen year old who clearly has a passion for the arts, particularly dramatic arts. She is very grateful for the opportunity that the Happy Camper Foundation has provided. She is going to be an 8th grader at Watson B. Duncan Middle School where they have offered an elective drama course in her final year; she feels the experience with Interact will give her the opportunity to do really well in that program. Collette wants to be a television broadcaster, and feels that her love and experience with drama improvisation will her enable her to over come any awkward moments on camera. On a side note, she also would love Vanna White’s job, from Wheel of Fortune! She loves the idea of getting to wear a new gown every night, and being on stage and in front of the camera. She wants to study journalism or communication in college. Collette is an independent and happy girl who has loved her time with Interact.
Oliver, 14, Frankilin Sailing Camp

Oliver is a typical teenager who has been sailing with this camp for 4 years; he seems like a shy and studious teen that loves sailing. He has had a wonderful summer sailing with the Franklin Sailing Camp. He volunteers in the morning by teaching the younger campers (volunteering for school). The older teenagers have camp in the afternoon. According to mom Debbie, the camp has done wonders for his social skills, self-confidence, and sail abilities. The campers learn about responsibility, leadership, motivation, and teamwork. They know how to rig their boats, de-rig, clean up, and work together. Oliver got to meet Mr. Franklin himself, who came to sail with the kids for the day this summer.

Oliver would like to continue sailing with the Franklin Sailing Camp next year, as there isn’t any other camp like it in Jupiter. He would also like to eventually teach with the director when he turns 16. He is going to enroll in the aeronautical engineering program at Suncoast High School.